I worked with designer furniture and lighting for 20 years and have a passion for quality design. I want to be a furniture designer in the future, so I have chosen to explore new technologies and apply them to furniture design. I started by looking at ways of incorporating 3D printing into traditional furniture manufacture.

I spent a long time researching different 3D printing materials such as XT-CF20, PLA, ABS and Polyamide. I also had to learn several new CAD software packages and learn how to use and maintain desktop 3D printers.  I would look to use 3D printing where it would bring the most benefits in the design and and stick to traditional manufacturing techniques otherwise.

The 3D printed chair and table components can be tailored at minimal cost to the customer’s dimensions, their choice of hardwood and colour. Tabletops come in all shapes and sizes and the same 3D printed component can be used to make a 16-seat dining table or a regular sized desk.


I have a passion for furniture, especially Mid-20th Century or Modernist design and before coming back to into education I spent 20 years working for and with a number of international auction houses. The furniture I admire most has a high degree of craftsmanship, features beautiful natural materials and has proved timeless. Thus my Final Year at University has been about achieving my desire to create a piece of furniture to be proud of.


My project has looked at how 3D printed parts can be used to assist the furniture manufacturer by removing expensive and time-consuming elements from the construction process.


My CAD skills were reasonable but in order to produce the 3D printed parts. I had to learn how to use a lot of new drawing programmes and how to operate (and repair!) three 3D printers. However, I have now mastered the substitution of tricky woodworked parts with 3D printed parts; thus fewer complicated wooden components will be needed for the construction process in both large and small-scale manufacturing.




Close to 100 professionals from industry, designers, manufacturers, retailers, academics, business people and friends were interested in the outcome of this project and I am grateful for their generous support.


Every step of my designs has been meticulously considered so they can be customised in different ways: size, shape, colour and material, without changing the design of the 3D printed joint.











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